Francisco Goncalves


Born and raised in Venezuela, self taught photographer Francisco “Fran Goncalves” started taking photos with a disposable camera back then when he was just a teenager. Then he got some of the first digital point and shoot before finally getting the nice DSLR professional ones.

More than 10 years ago his hobby became his profession and in 2010 changed the Caribbean for the Mediterranean and moved to the beautiful Barcelona city, where he have worked as a correspondent photographer for some of the most important Scandinavian newspaper like Politiken or Klassekampen.

Fran is also a Getty Images contributor and have published photos all over the world, including Lonely Planet books and Time magazine. Specialized in documentary photography, he’s also enjoys doing travel photography and street photo… specially in Barcelona, a city that he knows like the palm of his hand! And the best part is that he loves to share all his knowledge and show the hidden off the beaten track corners of the beautiful Catalan capital through photography tours and classes!